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Our next CamSum event will be organised on 2-4 June 2017, at Hotel Hawai, from Lloret de mar / Spain, and will include both Porn and Live Cam industries.
FREE ENTRY for all the Cam & Porn professionals for 2017!

(SITE UNDER RECONTSTRUCTION. Please come back soon for new updates!)

Why Spain and why Lloret de Mar?
Spain is definitely the best option when it comes to organizing a summit, people simply love this country, is one of the most visited by tourists around the world because of its climate, the friendly people, the cultural resources, the shopping offer, the beauty of nature, a rich cuisine with some of the world top chefs and some other characteristics that make Spain unique.

On top of this, Lloret de mar is close to Barcelona, is well communicated, has a nice beach with crystal clear water, a sweet mediterranean climate almost all the year, great parties during night times and one of the best offers of hotels and restaurants. Lloret is one of the most famous tourist village from the beautiful Costa Brava and is considered "the continental Ibiza" because it attracts lots of young people around the world who are searching for sun, beach and party.

For a cam summit, Lloret means that we can organize lots of outdoors and sports activities like beach voley, beach party, water sports & pool parties, where cam models can have fun, show their skills and, of course, their bodies! ;)

2 shows: summit (20-22 May, 2016) & gala awards (22 May)
You can choose only 1 or both.

During the 3 days of summit, we offer seminars, experts panels, speed networkins, meetings, products and sites presentations.

On the 3rd day (22 May), we have our glamorous cam Awards ceremony at the Gran Casino,
aprox 4 hours in the evening - EroticCamAwards.com

EroticCamAwards - Cam is the New Hollywood!

1. Where #ModelsDoBusiness! #Power2TheModels
"Where #ModelsDoBusiness" means that we focus on models, although any cam professionals/companies are very welcome, and we encourage models to think and act as business people as the most important way to grow their brand and earnings. If in the past the main investments meant better computer, better internet conexion, beauty treatments & body improvements, clothes and photo sessions, today, there is a new trend where the investments in promotion services (including those as going to cam events) are growing and we believe that soon these part will be the biggest one in the money spent by any model searching for huge success. With #Power2TheModels, we want to go beyond just giving powerful advices to models by offering them also many services that will make them more powerful: lots of social media promo for the models who participate at CamSum or EroticCamAwards voting or gala, many televisions and magazines who will attend our events and will offer B2C exposure for the models (interviews, magazine covers, photo shooting, etc), but also we are the first cam event that gives sponsorship oportunities for the models (bring your own fliers, your banners at CamSum & EroticCamAwards, put a bag insert, offer some free tshirts with your picture/brand, small gifts with your name as lighters, pencils, join other 2-3 models and offer together some free drinks at a party - your names & pictures on all the screens!!!!!!), packages for promo in the Adult Industry B2B magazines & forums, etc. Make your brand seen and bigger on both B2C and B2B environment, and don't be afraid to invest in your business, because NO COMPANY grows with little or zero investments in advertising or chasing "free entry/drinks/lunch"! ;)

2. Cam is the New Hollywood!
The tube sites, video streaming ones and the social media are eating every day from the all mighty Hollywood pie...daily, we have lots of (small) new film producers and film distributers, new actors and actrices, smaller than the classical "dreams factories", but some with the same or even higher ambitious...At CamSum & EroticCamAwards, we strongly believe not only that very soon some cam models will have the same fame and earnings as the nowadays Hollywood stars, but in the same time, they will have "the full package", including the glamourous parties, awards ceremonies and very complex promo services. And CamMillionaires.com, the main founder of CamSum & EroticCamAwards, aims also to help models to reach the revenues that the Hollywood stars have today, through a diversified offer of services (branding, promotion, viral promo, income diversification).

3. #Donate2Wiki - Culture is SEXY!
An important element of our EroticCamAwards galas will always be the charitable one: it's our call for the cam industry to SHARE from its (financial) success, and is our message to the world, that we CARE! Sponsoring Wikipedia at our first edition is our way of being grateful for the free access at knowledges on the internet, that helped the success of cam industry, and also an investment in the future of this free access and cam industry success! "Culture is Sexy!" is our belief that culture is one of the most important weapons of Seduction for the cam professionals searching for more success, and is also our message to the world, that culture makes you attractive, especially in these days when we need healthier "standards for beauty"! And last, but not least, Beauty & the Beast: We do hope to become viral with a cam event ("The Beast") sponsoring a cultural cause ("The Beauty")! :) In fact, when we say #CamIsArt, we do believe that camming is a cultural act, even more: a Cultural Revolution! ;)

The Party is...YOU!
"The Party is YOU!", means that our summit is firstly a "party" (a place where you feel good), and secondly a place for business. Of course business is very important, but we do believe that the best deals can be done in the most friendly and relaxed atmosphere! ;)

We also mean that every participant is as important in building the party/summit as any organizer! :) Ask yourself what you can do for the Party, not only what the party can do for You! :) You're all invited to contribute with anything that can help CamSum to become the cam professionals' favorite playground!

You can have the best time and enjoy it to the max, even at the "worst party", and you can feel bad even at the best party on earth! Indeed, it's a matter of choice!

The Party is YOU!

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